Rosselle’s Metals Inc. represents more than raw materials and efficient equipment.  We are a company whose dedicated family of workers has brought fine craftsmanship, integrity and service to Florida for nearly 100 years.


Our emblem was developed by founder Paul E. Rosselle, Sr., as a symbol of our role in the metal working industries.  The anvil signifies the historic foundation of all metalworking; the propeller, our special expertise in marine shafting; and the gear, our highly developed technical knowledge of machinery.


Paul E. Rosselle, Sr., was a “heavy” blacksmith working with the Florida East Coast Railroad when, in 1910-1912, he helped pioneer the overseas railway to Key West.  He established a blacksmith shop and foundry there, which he then moved to Miami in 1930.  Later, he developed a welding and machine shop.  This was the beginning of Rosselle’s Metals, Inc.


In 1940 a second generation of Rosselles’ joined the still-expanding organization.  Continued growth brought alloys and a steel warehouse into the firm.  The third Rosselle generation in the 1960’s joined their efforts towards increasing stocks and production facilities.  Tool steels and numerous other products were added.  Larger trucks, more modern equipment and the development of greater technical and practical knowledge increased efficiency.


Over the years we expanded and diversified to become an established and recognized industry leader.  Today, we are going full force with our fourth generation of practical and technical experts and cutting specialists.  In addition, we have new resources, new development in heavy fabrication, and a team of dedicated professionals, which is a vital part for the success of our operations. We look forward, and are ready for the challenges that lie ahead with the same dedication to efficiency and performance that has always been our watchword.