Our company is committed from beginning to end to complete customer satisfaction. From the moment our customers contact us, our entire staff is geared to provide them with excellence above all. From product selection, to order fulfillment and on time delivery, we offer the best services possible.


We are one of the few companies in the industry that offers customers the flexibility to place small to large scale orders, and that maintains a vast and assorted selection of metal goods to conveniently fulfill our customers’ unique needs and specifications in a fast and cost effective manner.


Our products range from:

  • Angles
  • Beams (stainless steel)
  • Bars (bar grating)
  • Brass & Stainless Products
  • Channels
  • Drill Rods
  • Expanded Metal & Grating
  • Flat Bars & Strips
  • Flat Ground Stock
  • High Strength & Alloy Steels
  • Ornamental Castings
  • Perforated Steel Sheets
  • Pipes
  • Rounds
  • Sheets & Plates
  • Steel Structures
  • Square & Rectangular Tubing
  • Tool Steels
  • Miscellaneous Aluminum


The variety and availability of products coupled with our know-how, our attention to detail and our unrivaled 24-hour turnaround period, have enabled us to provide solutions, as well as value added services to customers in diverse industries who require reliable, trustworthy and competent business partners on a consistent basis. These are the qualities that constantly set Rosselle’s Metals apart from the competition.


Whether you are looking for pre-processed parts for industry steel plate, sheared and formed, rods, rounds, beams, or any specialty metal products, Rosselle’s can for sure assist you with your needs.  We invite you to contact our company and witness first hand what 100 years of experience in the industry mean!


Structural steel shapes, sheets and plates are typically an ASTM A-36 specification. Special order A-572 can also be obtained.


A-36 specifications:

  • Tensile strength, psi 56,000 to 80,000
  • Minimum yield strength 36,000


A-572 specifications:

  • Tensile strength, psi 65,000 minimum
  • Minimum yield strength 50,000


Standard lengths are: 20 and 40’

Widths are: 4,5,6,and 8’wide

Lengths are: 8,10,12, and 20’ long.


Plates can be certified by the American bureau of shipping.

Other grades available include “CORTEN”, and Abrasive resisting plates.


Please call with all inquires. We look forward to your patronage in the near future.


These products cover a broad field, including the following:

  • Security and machinery guards
  • Tool room enclosures
  • Steps, and stairway
  • Truck beds
  • Ramps
  • Gangplanks
  • Catwalks, and walkways
  • Platforms and mezzanines.


Catalogues and brochures are available upon request.


These products are also available in aluminum and stainless steel


Please call Rosselle’s Metals so we may assist you in your selection.


Cold drawn steel offers several advantages and superior characteristics including size accuracy, finish, straightness, increased mechanical properties, improved machining characteristics as well as precise and uniform dimensional tolerances.


Our company offers rounds, flats, squares and seamless mechanical tubing depending on our customers’ particular needs, requirements and desired applications.


Commonly available grades include:

  • AISI
  • C1018
  • 1045
  • 1144
  • and 12L14.


We carry a full line of the 1018 material, as this is the most frequently employed grade.


Cold drawn steel is used in virtually every industry ranging from industrial, marine, aerospace, automotive, agricultural, and original equipment manufacturers. Some typical applications include: axles, shafting, sleeves, pins, bushings, gears, structural components, precision machined parts and much more.


We take great pride in our integrity, performance, dedication to assist our customers, and especially in our ability to continuously exceed their expectations!

Whatever metal work you need, we can deliver!

We take pride in our heritage and look forward to your patronage in the near future!

We take pride in our heritage and look forward to your patronage in the near future!

Our commitment to better serve our customers,  & to exceed their expectations,

is our daily driving force and the pillars that our company was built upon!


Here at Rosselle’s Metals we carry a wide variety of steel in this Category. AISI 4140/42 Alloy is stocked in shafting sizes from ½”diameter to 6” diameter in the turned, ground and polished condition.


A Rockwell hardness ranging from 28 to 30 RC Scale is also included to provide great strength and durability.


Different grades of Tool Steels are also available for different applications, including:

  • O-1
  • A-2
  • D-2
  • S-7
  • and 420 Stainless.


These grades are stocked in rounds, flats, and squares in the decarb free condition. Also the same grade can be ordered as flat ground stock or drill rod. All grades of Alloys and Tool steels are at our mill distribution centers, so please call for any inquires, orders, or technical information.

We take pride in our heritage and look forward to your patronage in the near future!


Aluminum products cover a broad range of profiles, sheets, and plates. We carry the grade 6061 Aluminum for structural applications. Shapes such as angles, channels, beams, rounds, flats and squares. Hollow members include pipe, seamless mechanical tubing, square and rectangular tubing. Sheets and plates are also included in this category.


The Aluminum grade 6063 covers the architectural applications. These members and profiles are typically for storefront and appearance designs.  3003 Aluminum alloy and temper allow for the members to be easily formed. This grade is typically available in sheet sizes.


The Aluminum alloy 5052 has very good corrosion resistance, good workability, weldability and strength. This is the alloy we select to bend any shapes the customer may require. Also used to fabricate fuel tanks, mounting plates and panels. Other grades such as 5086, 2024, and 7075 can be secured for the marine and aircraft industries.  Please call so that we may assist you with your requirements.


We take pride in our heritage and look forward to your patronage in the near future!


Stainless Steel is an alloy of iron that has a minimum of 10% of chromium added to improve corrosion resistance. At Rosselle’s Metals we carry the 304 and the 316 grades of stainless. The 304 grade is the most widely used. Offers good corrosion resistance, very good formability, and can be readily welded by all common methods.


The 316 grade is commonly known as the marine grade of stainless. Better corrosion and pitting resistance as well as higher strength at elevated temperatures than T-3O4. Typical shapes offered for both of these grades include structural angles, channels, rounds, flats, and squares.


Hollow members include round tubing and pipe, square and rectangular tubing.

Sheets and plates are also available.


Please call with your requirements so we may assist you in every way.


We take pride in our heritage and look forward to your patronage in the near future!


Welcome to our newest product line. We are proud to announce we will represent the following brands of plastics:

  • UHMW
  • and TEFLON.


These products will be selectively stocked in our warehouse and can be easily attained from our distribution centers.


UHMW is known for its lubricity and abrasion resistance.  Conveyor rail and slide plates, chain wear guides, bushings and rollers are candidates for this popular plastic.


ACRYLIC covers a broad range of specialty products, from aerospace, marine, bullet resistant, sound and machinery guards to endless designs studio and storefront industry.  ACRYLI is known for it’s optical clarity. Colorfast, impact resistance, lightweight and ease of workability.


DELRIN is a plastic that ties in to the metal industry, in that it has excellent dimensional stability, and also very good rigidity and mechanical strength. DELRIN is a widely used mechanical thermoplastic. Imagine the possibilities. Any parts made from this product will have excellent moisture resistance. Many industries will turn to DELRIN vs. steel.


NYLON is the workhorse of the mechanical plastics. It is one of the most commonly used due to the variety of shapes, sizes and fillers available. Some of its key properties are: very good wear and abrasion resistance. Excellent impact

Resistance. FDA/USDA/NSF compliant. Outstanding chemical resistance.


TEFLON is best known for its characteristic of lubricity. TEFLON is an inherently soft material. Teflon can conform to many irregular shapes or curves, however it should not be subjected to high load applications. It is primarily available in bars, sheets and rods.


Please call with desired shapes and sizes, as many of these products will be made to order with quick response.

We take pride in our heritage and look forward to your patronage in the near future!


Often referred to as red metals, copper, brass, and bronze are materials composed mainly of copper. These alloys are excellent conductors of electricity and heat, plus they are corrosion resistant.


COPPER is readily available from our mill level distribution centers, and can be special ordered per you item request. Sheets are most common, but rounds, flats, (including Bus Bar) and squares are also available.


BRASS is stocked in round stock and flat bar. Other shapes are also available. Please call with inquires.


BRONZE is stocked in our warehouse as Bronze Bushing Stock. We also stock solid round bars in case wall thickness on bushing stock is not attainable.  Bearing bronze for wear plates can be special ordered.


We take great interest in these products as our original slogan as a machine shop with metals on hand was: “We Sell Brass and Steel for a Living”