We strive to be exceptional in our business relations, to develop lasting partnerships, and to remain as the pre-fab shop of choice for every customer we serve. This has been our motto for nearly 100 years. As a result, we are known as the trusted source for reliable solutions, dependable products and outstanding services.


We are fully equipped with our in house metal fabrication and processing facility, which allows us to custom build, and fulfill any size order and to serve a variety of industries including metal users in machine shops, industrial plants, tool and die shops, the marine industry, aerospace industry, construction and general contractors, elevator industry, commercial projects, ornamental fabricators and the general public.


Within our added value services we offer cutting to length, size and shape, perforating, drilling, shearing, welding, and other special needs that our customers may require.  Our team of experts with practical and technical experience and our cutting specialists give us the competitive advantage to assist our customers with just about any solution designed around their individual needs.


At Rosselle’s Metals, we pride ourselves on making what seems to be impossible a reality, and with our experience, dedication and crafting ability, we make metal and steel products that are top quality, designed and manufactured to perfection, and with unmatched durability known to withstand the test of time.


We look forward to your call so we can provide the right product,

solution and the superior service that you deserve to receive.



Rosselle’s Metals has been family owned and operated for nearly 100 years!  In addition to being a reliable supplier of a diversity of metal products for a vast spectrum of industries, including the commercial and industrial sectors, as well as the general public, our company also offers a variety of added value services conveniently done within our premises by our practical and technical experts.


Within our services we offer:

  • Shearing
  • Forming and Rolling


These are metal forming processes that intend to modify the geometry of metals as well as their chemistry, and they play a critical role when making specific metal parts for specific applications.


The goal of these processes is to make metals more resistant and durable, to enable them to be bent and stretched into a variety of shapes, and to gain more consistency and strength.  The rolling process in particular, enables metals to be formed in cylindrical shapes for tanks, cylinders, bands and anything that requires rounded forms.


Our company works closely with each of our customers to find the right product within our large inventory or to custom fabricate specific pieces.   Over the years we have served every market with an extensive amount of projects of various sizes and complexities, and we have consistently delivered high quality products, that are cost effective and durable.



At Rosselle’s we are driven by quality, details, dependability and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to managing our projects from beginning to end to ensure that our customers receive the care and attention that they deserve.  This has been our competitive edge for nearly 100 years!


We are a pre-fab shop and supplier that maintains a large and varied stock of metal goods available for shipping or convenient pick up at our location.  In an effort to deliver complete solutions all under one roof, our company also offers experienced and top quality punching and drilling services to our customers. Our drilling capabilities range from drilling to tapping to countersinking to list a few.


In addition, we offer punching services, for a variety of shapes including rounds, squares and slotted holes. We can provide a variety of parts with tight tolerances, and other custom work tailored to fit the unique requirements and applications of our broad customer base.


We are fully prepared and qualified to serve the marine, automotive, aerospace, construction, industrial and commercial industries, as well as machine shops, homeowners, and the general public.  We strive to fulfill our customers’ orders with unrivaled turnaround time, cost effectively and without ever compromising quality.


Contact us today and experience first hand how our dedicated team can resolve your metal needs!



Rosselle’s Metals is a one of a kind company! We are composed of honest and hard working professionals that are completely dedicated to total customer satisfaction.  Our people, who are our greatest asset, our product knowledge, experience in the field, our creative thinking, and unmatched willingness to go the extra mile, have earned us a leading and respected reputation in the metal industry that we have maintained for nearly 100 years.


Today, customers from a wide range of industries including machine shops, marine, aviation, construction, elevator, automotive and the general public, come to us in search of solutions and expert product advice for their particular needs.


From small to large complex structures, to odd sizes and shapes, at Rosselle’s we offer endless solutions from our perpetual in-house inventory, or with our in-house pre-fab shop that can fabricate just about anything that our customers need.


We are equipped with a team of expert cutters, and with automatic band saws that can cut a variety of metals to length. In addition, we offer plate cutting by computerized shape burner, product sawing, shear-perforated metal and expanded metal sheet and plate.


Whether our customers need cut to length grating panels, expanded or perforated sheets to size, wire cut into segmented circles, special and odd shapes, at Rosselle’s we are trained, equipped and ready to deliver, because metal has been and continues to be our business!



Rosselle’s is an established pre-fab shop and supplier of metals goods, highly regarded for providing outstanding quality products with unmatched craftsmanship. As a responsible company we strive to be the best at what we do, to be responsive and respectful of our customers’ time and needs, and especially to deliver unsurpassed services!


Our company is equipped with a production and manufacturing facility that is flexible, quick and adaptable to meet our customers’ requirements no matter the size of their order.  We are a one-stop source for all precision and metal fabrication needs, and we carry a large inventory of metal goods available 24/7 for the convenience of our customer base.


At Rosselle’s we offer fabrication and other services including machining, punching, forming, drilling, shearing, cutting and welding. Our efficient and precise approach, as well as our systematic fabrication process ensure that our products are delivered on time and often times ahead of schedule.


We can weld and fabricate all types of metals including:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • and Galvanized aluminum among others.


With our highly skilled workforce and precision machining we have the capabilities to serve industrial, commercial and residential projects to the highest standard and finish.


We look forward to becoming your trusted partner and supplier, and to meeting the specifications and demands that your project requires!



Our commitment to better serve our customers, and exceed their expectations,

is our daily driving force and the pillars that our company was built upon!

Whatever metal work you need, we can deliver!

Whatever metal work you need, we can deliver!

We are proud to be known as the most reliable pre-fab and shop supplier in South Florida!